特別一提薄石板化妝櫃與木作結合,克服以往多採用傳統大理石的施工限制, 客廳一側的開放式展示櫃連接客廳與儲藏室,公領域呈現為開放式區域,空間輕盈之餘更令各區域的界線模糊,連為一體,視覺效果延伸且開闊。


In what kind of residence, would you want to spend the latter half of your life?

This design case depicts the spatial feeling with the gradual unfolding of the modern and restrained sensations. Opening the door, you will find a splendid and solemn door unveiling the curtain of the residence. Black, white, and grey foundations, standing on each side, manifesting the overall atmosphere. The atmosphere formed by the thin stone plates and metal parts are flowing naturally in the space, highlighting the tone of a simple, neat, and modern home.

The overall spatial use enriches the stable stone plates. The metal line structures connect with each other, giving the simple and generous modern contour with delicate eastern essence. It fully manifests the harmonious beauty with the modern atmosphere, without any major modification in the spatial layout. The original storage space placed at a side of the hallway and the neighboring rooms are combined to become the changing room. At one side of the living room, another storage space is installed to complete the arrangement of the layout. It allows the overall layout to become more functional, smooth, and neat.

Regarding materials, we use plenty of thin stone plates imported from Spain on the wall behind the couch, the TV wall, the owner’s bedroom, and dressing table. The imported stone plates are thin and durable. When it is combined with the cabinets, it looks much more beautiful and refined in the detailed finishing of the frames. Worthy of mentioning, the combination of the thin stone plates with the dressing table and wood works, it overcomes the limitation of working with traditional marbles. The open display cabinet at one side of the living room connects with the storage room to allow it to become an open space. The space then becomes lighter and blurs the boundaries of different zones that combine into one to constitute a spacious and extending visual effect.

The essence of tranquility harmonizes with the stable color, foretelling the vision of a pure and beautiful future. It gives people physical and mental comfort as well as being therapeutic.