American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed the famous Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, amongst these, “Social Needs” may also be interpreted as belongingness & love’s needs, and people’s spiritual needs are often greater as compared to material needs.  

The trend for the new era is that more and more people are keeping pets, because pets may accompany the owners, and are willing to invest emotions on the owners, such that we are able to receive belongingness and commitment as the owners. 

This spatial design project deviates from the existing white and cold impressions that hospitals used to bring to people, using lively green colors and mellow wood colors as the main base color tones to introduce a tranquil yet energetic ambience, allowing both the pets and the owners to feel relaxed. 

The large windows guide in the sunlight, allowing the mutual existence of natural light and artificial light, attempting to create a cozy and comfortable sensory effect. The original layout is destructed, where the gate is designed by the triangular entrance, allowing the entire spatial effect to expand; the reception counter on the ground floor and alfresco garden on the second floor are vertically connected, with the image of the bottom being the trunk and the top as the branches, symbolizing prosperous vitality with a significant meaning of eternity. 

A lot of effort has been put into the location for the storage space; in order to solve the storage needs and provide positions for the massive amount of drugs and medicaments, the storage space is specially designed into small spaces convenient for storing small objects.

Detailed therapies and clinical consultations are wrapped by the cozy and simple aesthetic base tone, demonstrating the love towards animals via the spatial design; natural materials are applied together with open spatial layout and warm light, presenting the respect and value towards life through meticulous design.